The first and only coworking place in Vanuatu.

Office styles are pretty grey, the brief was to create something colorful and playful to bring a fun vide to the workplace.

The pink was chosen to be strongly recognizable, being one of the less used colors in branding around the country.

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Digital Hub

The Digital hub is a part of Yumiwork, where modern technologies will be displayed or made available to rent for local entrepreneurs.

The colors are meant to recall yumiwork itself, while the yellow connecting dots are shaped like the Vanuatu archipelago.

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Vanuatu IDEA

Another part of the Yumiwork ecosystem, IDEA is the association created to foster digital innovation in the country.

The pink also connects to Yumiwork while the shape is a reference to official seals widely used in the country, to give a more institutional feeling.

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GPS Vanuatu

A small local company that installs GPS trackers on company vehicle fleets to track usage.

The client wanted blue as the main colours, and a modern look and feel to better establish his brand as he started on his own at the begining.

Orange was chosen as a contrasting colors and the tribal motives are a reminder of the local roots, to demarcate from the competitors, which are all foreign companies.

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Raise is a crowdfunding platform that is developping to help people fund projects and get support from the community.

The client wanted a clean style and joyful colors that recall some orange-pink flowers that are widespread in town.

The turtle is derived from 'sand drawings', which are symbals drawn in the send and have some religious/cultural significance.

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Lokol Praes

The name means 'local price' in Bislama, the language used in Vanuatu.

Another entrepreneurial project, they buy items in bulk and sell them at a good price in town or ship them out to the islands.

The brief was to make it fun, and convey the feeling that you can buy your items for cheap.

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